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I’ve slacked everywhere lately. . . Craziness everywhere.  The younger of our daughters started middle school and spent the first couple of weeks dealing with a serious bully – I’m talking property damage and physical, physical bullying.  Slapped.  Hit.  Shoved into a locker… But our kid defied every bullying statistic there is.  She told us from day one.  She wasn’t scared of her.  And despite the fact that she could have put this kid in the hospital (with 3 siblings she knows how to defend her turf) she didn’t escalate the situation ONCE.  She kept her head high and stood up for herself.  The teachers did the best they could but it was our daughter who shut it down.  She went to the principal with some help from her Step Dad and demanded justice.  They didn’t suspend or punish her (which frankly has me pretty pissed off) but now every member of staff in the school is watching this kid… she can’t sneeze without getting sent to the office.  I’m proud of our girl… I couldn’t have dealt with it how she did…

And in other news… last night after weeks of bed rest and nerves my brother’s wife gave birth to a little tiny boy.  He was born at just under 30 weeks gestation (ironically, exactly as premature as my younger daughter) and though he’s being dwarfed by a vent and a million other tubes and lots of wires… he’s okay.  And he’s gorgeous.  My brother has waited his whole adult life to be a dad and it’s finally happened!

So, you can see why the blog and newsletter fell by the wayside for a couple of weeks.

But stop by the store to see all the new stuff (both moved from PDP and brand new)…

Here’s a rundown:

Another Day was formerly part of a grab bag (A Break From the Madness GB) and is now at home at CatScrap!
Packed with pretty elements and papers and an ultra simple – but effective – alpha, this kit is perfect for every layout.

The ultra basic bundle!  Dots, stripes, and solids… Bundle 3 is a must for every paper lovin’ stash!!

Speaking of loving paper?  I love these.  Love them.  They’re a mess and a lot of fun…
These brand new papers are as versatile as they are trashed.

Formerly only available as a pretty, glittered, green alpha.  This handwritten, brushed alpha is
now available in an easy to use blank, unadorned doodled version.   Get this version free when you buy the kit below.

Happily moved over from PDP, this shabby kit is a full departure from my usual style.
No doodles, etc, but still filled to the brim with vintage pretties and soft papers.

This second version of digitally drawn spyro-graphic shapes are fun and BIG!
All around 2500px – as big as they can be as brushes!  Each is saved as a 300dpi png and in
an abr brush file.  And… they’re Commercial Use okay!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!  Something really, really exciting (for me) is coming on the 1st so keep checking in!!

Here’s an extra 10% off in my store, just for you: septembermadness
good till the end of the month!

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