Another thing to scratch off my list… and more!

I love Gallery Standouts for many reasons…. fantastic inspiration, gorgeous kits, papers, and elements used in new and exciting ways, finding amazing scrappers, etc.  I scrapped in private for so long, it seems, before getting up the courage to post a layout in a gallery (it was for a challenge – an easy way, I found, to introduce myself without having to introduce myself).  I gradually got more confident, both with scrapping and with participating in forums and galleries.

I even got the courage to share my digi designs finally and answered the Polka Dot Plum designer call, months before they opened.  My heart raced and the blood drained from my head when I opened the email from Lauren to find out if they liked me.  I happily joined PDP and made some of the best friends ever in Amy and Lauren (and the energizer bunny of CT bosses, Faye) and then took a big leap and answered a rare open call at CatScrap after existing quietly at PDP since well before the store even opened.  I didn’t answer the call until I think close to the last day – I started the email a dozen times and chickened out.  I couldn’t believe it when I was accepted and invited.  But I still love to scrap.  Love it.  It’s soothing and familiar.  When I stall out designing a product I scrap.  And I always feel better.  I post my layouts because it’s what you do – despite the fact that it’s ridiculously intimidating putting a layout of mine in a gallery full of exquisite layouts made by remarkable scrappers that I couldn’t dream of measuring up to.  And while I love looking through Gallery Standouts, at all the pretty, pretty layouts, I have embarrassing dreams of finding my own layout posted there someday.

Well… that day has come.  Take that suckers. :)

Who wants to touch my sleeve?

But now for the colorful new releases from this week:

I <3 these.  My big brother scribbled the originals and I played with them and made them happy little brushes and stamps.

Bundle Two from the For the Love of Paper collection includes Artful Argyles v.2, Cheerful Checks, and Daring Damasks v.2 and when you buy the bundle you get 3 packs for the price of 2.  But they’re also available on their own.

Want something free?  Go to my shiny new Fan Page and you’ll indeed get something for free. Dare you.  Faye likes it.  :)

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