At the rate I’m moving this week I’ll be ready for last week’s fabulous scapper’s holiday in about a month. Grr. I’m always ready until the day before and then who knows what happens.

And because of that my PDP store is 50% off (still) through Saturday.

This week at Polka Dot Plum challenges are more crazy than normal. We’re doing a whole week of template challenges! Nothing else! And as soon as I get back in mine will be there, too. So cool! I love template challenges!!

We have some business to attend to, don’t we? I offered up the “For the Love of” pack of your choosing to five commentors (is that a word?) with another winning them all. The following five of you need to contact me (look at the top of the blog) so you can claim your good/s!

The following: (let me know in your email which pack you’d like)
Maria H

And Michelle Huegel really needs to email me because she randomly scored every single one of them, including the 3 unreleased!

Get in touch with me ladies, I’ve got your stuff ready!