New Stuffs, now 100% gluten free!

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Hey! Where’ve you been? What? I’ve been the one missing??

Okay, you’re right. The quick version…
Illness. Child support wars. Diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Met Polka Dot Amy. Pippi had her puppy. Outdoor School. More illness.

Those are just the headlines but I imagine you get the jist. I’m sleepy. And hungry. And swollen.

But that’s not why you’re here, is it! New this week:

I love this kit.  Seriously.  It’s inspired by my baby boy (who’s almost 9).  He dresses up for school almost every day.  Button up, sports coat, and tie.  Wakes up early every day to shower.  On his own.  He combs his hair and has been wearing deodorant since he was 4.  Not because he’s stinky but because he wants to smell nice.  He uses proper tense and is ultra polite and witty.  Truth be told – the other side of his personality involves an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars, Legos (can build the biggest kits in under an hour), and WWII.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The kids complicated.  And so smart that if he didn’t look like me I’d have to wonder.  But back to the kit… 42 papers, 60 something elements (no recolors), 2 alphas (one in two colors), and when you buy the whole kit together you also get a template set and brush set, exclusive to this kit.  Seriously.  Boyish without being cartoony or babyish.  And classic enough to work for everyone else, too.    And there’s mustaches.  MUSTACHES!!  And you can use the mustache brush to paint mustaches on your pictures!  The best part?  Only $7 for all of it.  No joke.    Here’s some layouts from my ladies Jenn and Jadelyn…

Just for you, my favorite people, here’s a code for a dollar off Keen, good thru 4/15: Keen_Blog$1OFF

Ready for a coupla more things? This week there was also two more paper packs added to the “For the Love of ….” collection, basics in my personal palette for 2010.  These two bring the current total to six released so far.  Keep watching for the rest of the collection to trickle in during the next couple of months.

Want to win?  Leave a comment and let me know your favorite pack from the collection so far and next Wednesday, the 21st, I’ll randomly pick 5 people to pick one pack from the collection so far and 1 person to win all of the packs so far!  Don’t forget to stop by Polka Dot Plum for a new week of challenges – which means more chances to win the monthly prize and to earn more points towards coupons for the store!  See you soon…

1 Comment on New Stuffs, now 100% gluten free!

  1. Maria H
    April 21, 2010 at 4:36 pm (12 years ago)

    oh am I too late? Wonderfully Warped has got to be my favorite, no one has ever done that before! But Tempting Tweeds are tempting too…