You know you might want it…

Admit it.  There’s a possibility you might want my new release.  Anything’s possible, you say?  Scoff away… But I warn you.

This week I’ve gone pretty. Okay, okay… I suppose that’s in the eye of the beholder.  But let me tell you… The younger of my 11 year olds  (more on that later) informed me today that she didn’t even know me any more.  Ha!

In the store tomorrow, 20% off…

A different take on Fall, I agree.  No pumpkins, no scarecrows… I’m with you.  But it’s MY take on Fall.  Beyond that, it’s a pretty large kit – 22 papers, 70something elements and an alpha?  There’s nothing in there so theme oriented that you can’t use it in June.  And if I do say so myself?
The alpha is wicked!  Hope you like it.  Stop by PDP for a new week of challenges and other new releases on sale.  Susan’s got a new template pack that rules.  Brandy revealed and split up her super cool grab bag that I really wish I wouldn’t have been too broke to get.  Amy and Lauren (aka The Keepers of the Plum) have a ridiculous, grungy set of CU/PU brush strokes.

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