PDP Blog Train!!!!!!

I’ve spend two days pulling my hair out (I do this often… which is why I found it necessary to shack up with a stylist. Well, that and because it’s fun sitting here in my favorite ratty sweatshirt, eating a generic ice cream sandwich with $300 worth of hair product in my hair that I can’t even pronounce but get to use because above mentioned handsome man works at a salon that would never let me through the door… it’s ridiculous really but that’s not why we’re here, is it?) because there’s sales all over the place so tremendous that I’d be living in the streets if DSD happened every week. Every newsletter that hits my inbox is met with a girlish squeal followed by a prompt and grown up apology to anyone sitting near me. But really… sequins at 75% off? If that’s not worth a squeal than what is? Perhaps DSD blog trains are equally worthy. What if each stop gifts you a mysterious bag filled with coordinating free stuff? Sequins are cool but grab bags? Get out.

If you’ve managed to make it through my late Friday night rantings than you’ll be pleased to know that I’m no tease. I actually have one of those bags and you can download it right now! All you have to do is click the picture! You don’t even have to wait 32 seconds at 4shared!


Next stop on the train is Sunflowers (it’s there at the very bottom of her post) Want to go back to the beginning? Return to the lovely Susan Robinson’s blog! We’re not all in the same time zone so if something seems to be missing keep checking back. Enjoy your iDSD and be sure to check out all the fun happening over at the PDP forums… Watch that forum all day as games and challenges pop up. You could win a guest spot on a PDP designer’s CT. Not to mention all the free stuff. Allison

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